The Roman Catholic Diocese of Žilina

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Basic information

The Roman Catholic Diocese of Zilina is the Latin Rite Catholic Diocese centred around the Holy Trinity Cathedral in the city of Zilina.

The Diocese spans the area of North-West of Slovakia and was formed by Papal decree on February 14th 2008, taking territory from both the Diocese of Nitra (90 %) and the Diocese of Banská Bystrica (10 %). 

The Diocese is currently organised into 10 Deaneries, has around 220 active priests and 108 parishes. The catholic population of the Diocese is 456,000  for a total of 569,000 inhabitants (80,1 %).

The Diocese is a suffragan diocese of the Archdiocese of Bratislava.

Patrons of the Diocese are Saints Cyril and Methodius, Apostles to the Slavs and co-patrons of Europe.

A warm welcome to our website, a source of information for the Diocese of Zilina. We hope you enjoy your visit and we wish you every blessing.


Bishop of Zilina

Most Reverend Msgr. Tomáš Galis

- born in 1950
- ordained a priest in 1976
- seminary rector 1990-1999
- appointed as auxiliary bishop of Banská Bystrica and consecrated a bishop in 1999
- appointed as the first bishop of the Diocese of Zilina on February 14th 2008
- installed in Zilina on March 15th 2008


Contact Details

All official communications should be addressed to:

Correspondent Address:

Biskupsky urad
Jana Kalinciaka 1
P. O. Box B 46
011 36  Zilina 1

Tel:  +421 - 41 500 22 15
Fax: +421 - 41 500 22 16


Diocesan Curia

Vicar General and Moderator of the Curia

CSIDr. ThLic. Martin Kramara

Judicial Vicar

ICLic. Michal Laššo

Episcopal Vicar for economical affairs

Rt Rev. Peter Dubec



Dr. Štefan Žídek

Bishop's Secretary

Andrej Krekáč


ICLic. Jozef Kocifaj

The Diocesan Curia consists of those institutions and persons which furnish assistance to the Bishop in the governance of the entire Diocese, especially in directing pastoral activity, in providing for the administration of the diocese and in exercising judicial power (The Code of Canon Law, canon 469). 

It would also include all who participate in the overall administration of the Diocese, especially those who direct diocesan departments.